Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Create Your Character: The G-Point Game

By Kyle Slavin

I propose we play a game.

The game is based upon a points system. The only way to play this game is to think about it. As soon as you think about the game, you are an active player, and you begin building points.

You just earned your first point right now.

Every point boosts your character value. Like in some other Role Playing Games, the goal of the G-Point Game is to accumulate the most value possible before time expires. (Gulp!)

To earn points, you must engage in acts of positivity. They come in two forms: externally positive and internally positive. An example of an External Point is opening the door for someone. An example of an Internal Point is dressing yourself tastefully.

Points have varying weight depending on their influence. Loaning your car to someone is worth three external points, and adds a substantial value to your character worth. Training for and running a marathon is worth five internal points, and is also a great value addition.  (A bad tip is a negative external point.)

Once you have built up enough value points, greater missions and responsibilities unlock for you.  

The easy way to tell if you are gaining points is by your overall confidence ability. A character of great value will be able to handle higher levels of conflict, just as Link or  Mario may handle stronger enemies in later levels.  

There are missions in G-Point, but they coincide with life goals rather than arbitrary tasks. Get promoted, and you level up. Find an excellent partner for you, and you level up again. Unlock access into private clubs, hotel room suites, executive offices and huge houses. Just by accumulating these G-Points.

This is the most realistic and lifelike RPG that has ever been created. You can literally FEEL your character getting more powerful as you build him!

You have a health meter, and if you drink or smoke too much it gets low. You have a charisma meter that builds when things are going well for you.

The only drawback is the lack of cheat codes and power-ups. But, then again, they only hinder you in the long run.  

Since you are now playing this game, you realize the obvious power and substantial influence you can have just by building your character, point by point. You will become a greater player in this game: you will be smarter, healthier, more athletic, look better, and have much more attention from the other players in the game. And as they see your success, THEY start to play the game as well!

Eventually, we will have a culture of G-Point players, all helping each other, all bettering themselves through the accumulation of positive points. Imagine a society full of these players, all contributing in a positive way, all aiding their fellow players as they progress through the game.

You can customize your character to your liking, and enable the world for him. And in return, you grow and succeed, one value point at a time.

Why can’t real life be like this?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Gentleman Project

By Kyle Slavin
A movement of value.  This is what we hope to accomplish.  A movement of people who wish to bring value and positivity into a world filled with tactlessness.  Whether it is a kind gesture or a well placed compliment, a held door or a “bless you” after a sneeze, we wish to ignite a passion in the men who follow us.

Just by reading this, you have sparked an interest. You WANT to be a gentleman.  You wish to be the classiest version of yourself possible, and you KNOW the endless amount of possibilites that open for you, as a gentleman.

Why not be better?  Why not look better?  Why not feel empowered in your own skin?

We all have the ability to be superheroes, to walk the streets as men of greatness.  To wear the best outfit we have, and to act as the best we know.  To show empathy, humility, and class, regardless of the situation or stress involved.  And to be the best version of ourselves, no matter what may try to keep us from it.

To move as the Gentlemen move, as the great men before us have done.

There is literally nothing stopping you.  You CAN learn the style and class of a well-trimmed custom suit.  You SHOULD learn how to tie a bow-tie.  And you WILL be able to woo your lady by showing the perfect grace and honor that she deserves, because that is the way it has been passed down to us.  

This is how we learn what to teach our children.  A life of value.  A life of success.  And a life with the constant desire and achievement of our highest capability.  

A Gentleman is made, not born, and it starts with you.

* * *

This week, we are recruiting trainees for the Gentleman Project.  

Like a flash-mob of chivalry and etiquette, we are descending on high-populous areas and simply being the best we can be.  We are opening doors, greeting strangers, smiling, helping folks across the street, picking up litter, and doing all the honorable acts that our ideal selves should be doing.  

We are the strongest.  We are the most honorable.  We are the Gentleman Project.

We hope that our acts and good graces will elicit a change in the mentality of the Modern Men around us.  No longer will selfish acts and egotism rule the day.  

We believe that the only way to raise the value of society is as one Gentleman at a time.  Join us in our vision of a better and tasteful lifestyle.  What can YOU do to be a Gentleman today?

You are now a part of this movement.  In a time of chaos and tumult, vulgarity and bad taste, the American Gentleman wishes to begin the greatest movement of value.  

Will you join us, Gentlemen?